KnetMiner SPARQL endpoint

This is the SPARQL endpoint for the data that powers KnetMiner. KnetMiner is an application to explore knowledge graph for candidate gene discovery. Our group uses it to provide plant biology information, as well as to support other organisms.

The hereby SPARQL endpoint gives you a programmatic access bases on linked data standards. The data are modelled after our BioKNOW ontology. We are also in the process of defining a more extended AgriSchemas and some prototype examples are included here.

The same data model is used to populate our Neo4j databases about wheat and Arabidopsis (connection details). The data are kept aligned by means of our rdf2neo tool (which, in turn, is based on Jena).

More details can be found on our IB2018 paper.

Recently, we have added a CoViD-19 knowledge graph, which we have started developing within the CoViD-19 Bio-hackathon and the COVID-19 International Research Team.

Our data endpoints runs on Cyverse UK resources, kindly provided by the Robert Davey's group at the Earlham institute.

The hereby SPARQL browser is based on the EBI's LODEStar tool, which runs on top of Virtuoso.

We are funded by the UK BBSRC Designing Future Wheat (DFW) project

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