KnetMiner SPARQL endpoint


Enter the KnetMiner SPARQL endpoint!

Some of the datasets available from SPARQL are also accessible from Neo4j endpoints:

What is it?

This is the SPARQL endpoint for the knowledge graphs that powers KnetMiner. KnetMiner is an application to explore knowledge graph for candidate gene discovery. Our group uses it to provide access to plant biology information, as well as to support other organisms.

The data endpoints offer machine-readable access to the same data that we use for the KnetMiner application, this offers the opportunity for a wider use of the data, for instance, to do Excel exports or to run analyses by means of your own Python scripts.

Want to know more?

The endpoints are based on data standards and FAIR data principles. The data are modelled after our BioKNOW ontology. We are also in the process of defining a more extended AgriSchemas and some prototype examples are included here.

More details are available from: